Thursday, 20 September 2012

National Go Topless Day is August 26 — Breast Power!

National Go Topless day will arrive on August 26. Participating countries will rally with one another in supporting a woman's right to "let the girls hang out." The event is the brainchild of former racing journalist Claude Vorilhon, presently known as Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement.
Across this globe, droves of women in large cities are standing up for the right to reveal their breasts. Liberty and equality are two of the integral components that hinge this event together, supporting the belief that female breasts are family friendly, ridden of shame, full of beauty, and something that should not be admonished.

When examining the issue, one can't help think of the ability to bare one's upper body as a constitutional right. If it weren't for the repression of society, perhaps even the government, this discussion would be nonexistent. If men are able to walk down the street without a shirt, why aren't women afforded the same opportunity? Is it the nipple, contour or shape of the breast that divides us? And if so, how do we eliminate the stigma associated with breasts? Everyone has them. What is so risque about seeing a female's upper portion exposed? Absolutely nothing.

Over 40 years ago Woodstock transformed the perception of liberation and open thinking, and female nudity was ample and gladly welcomed. Yet, somehow, that short period of enlightenment dissipated until now. For those who happen to live in NYC, it is legal to bare your breasts in public. Earlier in May, East Village resident and activist Moira Johnston freely paced the streets in her neighborhood. The simple act of walking caused reactions from local residents, prompting police officers to arrest her. Soon after, they realized that Ms. Johnston was in fact not breaking the law, eventually to be released without a record, and had every right to expose them, just as her male counterparts who could be seen without their shirts off, basking in the arrival of the spring heat. The image of her walking through Union Square was captured by a stranger and posted on Twitter; it triggered a buzz for days.

Women like Johnston will be baring all on August 26, hoping that others will follow suit, enabling them to take a stand for their plight with the sincerest hope that public nudity will be made legal everywhere. This day is being lauded for its efforts in spurring others not to be afraid of their chest and have access to the same societal privileges as men. More power to them!




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