Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tallest Teen: 6’8″ at 17 Years Old

 She towers around 6’8″ and is only 17 years old!
Elisany lives in Brazil with her family and aspires to be a model. However, she says Brazil modelling agencies have turned her down because of her height.

Not only does she have to deal with the good and the bad things that people say about her, she also worries about the health issues that comes with her unusual height. She and her mother worry about the pain in her joints and spine.
Doctors recently removed a tumor from her pituitary gland which has halted her growth. She hopes that this will stop future health problems.
She also recently found love with boyfriend, Francinaldo, who is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
The lovebirds do not care about their height difference.

She talks to BTV about her Francinaldo:

“What really attracted me was his personality, the way he acts with people and the way he acts with me.”

However, she finds it a little silly when they hold hands.

“The only thing that really affects us is when we hang out holding hands – it seems like he is my little brother or son.”

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