Saturday, 12 July 2014

11 People Who Probably Won’t See 30

I’m not really a lover of heights, so looking over the edge of a cliff or staring down into a  canyon is not really my favourite pastime. However for some people it is and they get a real thrill from living life on the edge – in some cases quite literally as you’ll see from these photos. Good luck to them – although I can’t really see too many of them making it past 30. Have you ever been crazy enough to pull off one of these stunts?
                 Seems a pretty elaborate way of turning her camera upside down?

                 The view better be worth the hike
                 Has he not seen 127 hours?? It's going to end in tears.
                 Not sure how much the helmet will help here
5.            Ah yeah, totally do-able. Sissies.
                 A nice relaxing sleep. Shotgun the bed closest to the wall.            

                 It's fine, just water below.
                 Not even sure what's going on here but it reeks of danger            
            Killer boots man
                 How did he change his shoes up there?
Impressive view, shame that fella got in the way of the pic      

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