Monday, 25 August 2014

15 Gratitude Hacks For A More Abundant Life

Gratitude is a gateway happiness. Heres how to score some.

1. Acknowledge good things out loud, right when they happen

Nip pessimism in the bud.

2. Fake a smile

Smilingwhether it's a real smile or a fake onecan boost your mood. The brain senses the flexion of your smile muscles and interprets it as I must be happy about something!

3. Take the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge (

Snap a photo of something that makes you happy and share it with the hashtag #100happydays. Way better than a selfie.

4. Start a 'good stuff' jar

When good stuff happens, write it down and save in a jar. At the end of the year, celebrate the good times by reading each note aloud.

5. Start a gratitude journal and add 5 things to it before you go to bed

In one study, participants were 25% happier after doing this for only two weeks!

6. Temporarily deny yourself something you love

Because absence makes the heart grow grateful-er.

7. Go on a complaint fast

In 2007, a church minister in Kansas City challenged his congregation to stop complaining and start being more grateful. Participants were issued this wristband as a reminder of their pledge. If they complained, they had to move it to the other wrist and replace the complaint with a positive statement. The aim is to go 21 consecutive days without a complaint. Any bracelet will work. How long can you go without changing wrists?

8. Compliment an enemy

If we are to define gratitude as the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to us, then find those qualities in the people around you. Even if they annoy you or are mean. Youll feel better and they just might start to change

9. Create a gratitude board

Like a vision board, but better. Fill it with pictures of people and things that make your life worth living.

10. Ask yourself three questions...

Think about someone you know, then ask: What you have I received from them? What have I given them? And lastly, what trouble have I caused them? Youll likely discover that a thank-you is overdue.

11. Go for a walk

12. Accept your own awesomeness

13. Hang out with grateful people

Negativity is contagious, but so is positivity.

14. Donate your time

Volunteer for a good cause. There's no faster way to feel grateful for what you have than by spending time with someone who has less.

15. Think grateful thoughts

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