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Top 10 most desirable women of 2013

Beauty is a characteristic of person’s physical appearance that is attractive and eye-catching as it provides a perpetual experience of pleasure and satisfaction. Not everyone is bestowed with this invaluable quality. But there are many who startle their viewers with their astounding beauty. Specifically talking about women, there are thousands of beautiful women in the world and it’s a complex task to whittle down a perfect top ten list of ‘ Top 10 most desirable women of 2013 ” They all are sexy hot and fit to the desire of today’s men and the world . These rankings selects from AskMen’s rankings of top 99 most desirable women of 2013. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf
It was a wonderful time of the year as we are assigned the privilege of picking the list of Top 10 most desirable women of 2013 but it’s not just our picks. Millions of fans voted for the perfect list to be compiled. Anyways here it is; -

10).Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke is a 19-year-old athletic hurdler from Australia. She had been winning many titles, gained popularity persistently as she rocked the tracks with here agility. But it doesn’t ends here; she presented a sexy warm-up exercise once in front of thousands of fans that peered at her with dropped jaws. She bounced, danced, swayed her body and swirled her hairs. She is a beauty with guts. -

Jessica Pare

Angelic and beauteous Jessica Pare is the young wife of Don Draper. She is constantly been discussed by her fans for being responsible to shoot the sexiest scene in the history of Mad Men. Apart from her startling looks, she has a good voice too. She once sang a song in French with achieved viral esteem and was even released in the iTunes singles. Her most acclaimed movies are Stardom, Lost and Delirious and Wicker Parker these are the movies from where she picked her elevation and eminence. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

Jessica Gomes

She has proved herself miraculous and had been projecting her sexy figure and body over the time. The Australian-born model of Chinese-Singaporean and Portuguese descent has appeared in four Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show. She was part of a record group of seven “rookie” Swimsuit Issue models which is an honor every model dreams of to gain. She had worked for many famous brands as well followed by being popular for Victoria’s secret catalog. The commercial icon is undoubtedly pretty. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

Kristen Stewart

She definitely had a very good 2012 in which she took a prompt fame which evidently brings her to the no 7 spot for being one of the beautiful and famous women at this time of the New Year 2013. She is best known for her presence in the Twilight Saga as Bella Swan. Her other successes are Panic Room and Speak. Last year after a highly publicized indiscretion with her Snow White and The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, Kristen has also ended up with her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson but you never know what reality is of there relation. Anyways her lovers have a high regard for her and want to see her striking with prosperity. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr popular icon of The Victoria’s Secret is undoubtedly cute and at the same time stunningly sexy. She has been named by the Esquire UK as the ‘Most Sexiest Women Alive”. No doubt she deserves more then that, as she holds the killing vicious looks. Miranda is recently married to Orlando Bloom. She was also most recently named as an ambassador to Qantas. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

Emma Stone

The Red-haired beauty Emma Stone has relatively short Hollywood career but she had been lucky in gaining momentum in fame. She had a dazzling 2012 in which she was featured in The Amazing Spiderman. Later on she was awarded the Trailblazer Award at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. We wish 2013 will be another stellar year for this cool actress. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf


It was initially a surprise which polls brought; still blackish women are considered beautiful globally by many, shattering a misconception that dark women aren’t beautiful. Rihanna holds the 4th spot for her beauty and being continuous pacer in acquiring global recognition as the best Pop Song Artist. She has topped the Billboard ranking by her exceptional songs that rocked the listeners and added additional fans in her bucket undeniably. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

Kate Upton

The 20-year-old gorgeous blonde model, Kate Upton has a sizzling beauty. She worked for The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and graced the cover of the issue which every single model craves for. She had been persistently named as the Rookie of this issue for 2011, 2012 and 2013 again. She is a fortunate model to transition from swimsuit modeling to high-fashion modeling. Her sexy glances unquestionably promoted her and even still lots of success to follow. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

Mila Kunis

 Mila Kunis is a spectacular beauty. At the age of seven, she moved from Ukraine to Los Angeles with her family. She didn’t know at that time, that beaming new career awaits her in this new city. She started her career with the television show ‘The 70’s Show’ which brought her concrete prevalence. Last year she worked in a hit movie, Ted with Seth MacFarlane. She is also expressed as the sexiest women alive by Esquire UK magazine. The 29-year-old beauty, it’s no surprise that she’s been honored with such a title. Christian Dior recently named Mila the face of one of its spring fashion campaigns. She has a passion to progress forward and her determination would succeed her. -

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence

Appealing and alluring 22-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence started her pursuit from the movie ‘The burning point’ and ‘The Winter’s bone’. She attained wide recognition and reputation by playing heroine Katniss Everdeen in the highly anticipated film The Hunger Games last year. Her performance was so admirable that Rolling Stone named her “the most talented young actress in America.” She was nominated for Oscars for her roll as Ree in Winter’s Bone. Apart from acting, our polls concluded that she has millions of fans that admire her splendor and gorgeousness. There are innumerable people who praise her for her cute yet sexy looks as well. So this is the lady that has topped the list of being most desirable women of 2013. - See more at: http://gettoptens.com/top-10-most-desirable-women-of-2013/#sthash.zENEE9j3.dpuf

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