Friday, 20 November 2015

7 Absolutely Effortless Ways Of Being Well-Shaped


Small steps lead to great changes, however many of us still assume that all-or-nothing approach is the best solution to out weight problems.

When you concentrate on one little change to your every day routine at a time, chances are that your ultimate results will be much more exciting! So here are a few tips on what changes you can implement into your life to help you gain valuable habits of losing weight!
Start maintaining a food journal
When you pick up your pen and register everything you put in your mouth, it will help you to control what you eat, how much you eat and what is to be improved about it. It can be helpful in two ways: first of all, you could no longer trick your mind by convincing yourself that you are hungry, because you cal always check when was the last time you ate, and secondly, the awareness of whatever food you eat shall be pit in record will diminish your desire to eat more.
Work out during commercials
Whenever you are sitting in front of your TV and the commercial is going on, don’t waste your time and do some work-outs. Try jumping, running; doing squats, push-ups and other things that can increase your heart rate. You can burn approximately 250 calories a day by adding this habit to your life and it equals to 30 lost pounds a year!

Replace high-fat foods with lo-fat foods
Let’s take a closer look at what you eat. I bet if you are a sweet tooth you probably enjoy eating candies, cookies, ice-cream, and even if you are not I bet you abuse with chips and french fries! The secret is to substitute every week one unhealthy product with one healthy and it won’t be long when you notice that your diet is almost perfect!
E-newsletters can be a great motivation
When you receive a weekly email about healthy lifestyle you will unconsciously want to be the living example of all positive changes you want to see in others.

Add 5 minutes to your exercises
The main principle is to gradually increase the amount of physical activity you are having throughout your day. If you are used to walking 30 minutes a day, add extra 5 minutes. And by doing this your body will get accustomed to do more and more effectively.
Stop using elevators
You can’t imagine but by mere walking up the stairs rather than using an elevator we can lose approximately 3 pounds a year!

Start following the 1 MILE rule
That is, if you need to get somewhere within a mile, don’t use your car to get there. Instead just walk to the point of your destination. Sedentary lifestyle is often the cause of obesity, so stop burning your petroleum and burn some calories instead!

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