Friday, 20 November 2015

7 Facts About Foreplay That Will Change Your Sex Life


Most people consider foreplay as an essential part of sex, but they don’t recognize its importance to full extent.

It’s not a preamble, nor is it a compulsory thing you need to do to get a quick as possible to the main course. It has so many beautiful things about it and here is a list of them!
It’s an essential and crucial part of sex
Foreplay helps our body to get ready for having sex, our mind to relax, our desire to grow and ultimately it intensifies everything we are going to feel during our sexual act. Therefore don’t skip foreplay and rush into intercourse itself. You’d better skip gym, because foreplay helps us burn our calories!
For women it’s absolutely necessary
Foreplay isn’t optional for women. If you are in a hurry and do everything to get closer to her crotch you may be disappointed in the end and both you and your woman will be left dissatisfied. In fact, foreplay gives women time to prepare their vagina for the intercourse. When you kiss her, touch her, talk to her, you are building the desire and make woman anticipate the forthcoming sex.

It’s even more important than sex itself
To make love to woman doesn’t mean solely reaching her vagina. Truth be told, women expect you to connect with their whole beings rather than only genitals. Make love to her body, to her heart and to her mind. In most opinion polls women claimed that their partners should pay more attention to the foreplay.
It shows your affection and indifference
When you skip foreplay it shows that you have a rather selfish approach to sex. Rather than aiming for having pleasure, think a little bit of giving pleasure to your woman. Show that you not only are capable of having sex, but also caring about giving her pleasure.

It’s one of the main reasons why women don’t have orgasms
Multiple researches showed that the lack of foreplay prevents women from reaching their finish line. Most men complain that they can’t make their partners have an orgasm, but maybe the problem is lying in the short or negligent foreplays?

Why not limit to sheer foreplay?
The name itself suggests that foreplay should precede an intercourse, but here lies one problem. When you are concentrated on getting to the sex part you aren’t able to appreciate the beauty of the moment. Try sometimes to have only foreplay without sex, explore the full range of feelings and sensations it bears with itself. Sometimes it can be even more exciting than the ordinary sex, especially if you are one of those couples who always viewed foreplay as a heat-up before actual sex.
It decreases as the time passes by
If you are in a longterm serious relationship you’ll notice that with the time you’ll pay less and less attention to foreplay. It’s sad, because studies showed that if your foreplay lasts longer than 20 minutes your partner is 90% more likely to reach an orgasm.

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