Friday, 20 November 2015

7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Twins That Will Leave You Speechless!

imgresNo doubt that having a twin is something outstanding, but the following mind-blowing facts will only add to your desire of being one of them! Let’s start the countdown!


No identical fingertips
It’s a common knowledge that twins have identical DNA, but fingertips aren’t defined exclusively by it. Up to the 6 week of pregnancy twins own same fingertips, but as they start moving and touching amniotic sac, the unique patterns are formed on each of their fingers. This fact has often been used in criminal literature, where it is practically impossible to define who among twins committed the crime but for their fingerprints.
Every 5 children out of 100 are born twins in Massachusetts, thus making it a state with the densest twin population in the U.S. It has been observed that women in the well-off states often prefer to pursue their career rather than dedicating themselves to family and children. Therefore they postpone giving birth until the moment when they can’t conceive a baby without reproductive assistance.
No need of mirror
If the division from one egg takes place eight days after twins have been conceived they develop mirror traits! Right-handed and left-handed, marks on skin on the opposite sides of their faces etc.

Identical people – different genetics
Normally twins look identically up to the last detail in their appearance. However sometimes the genome of one of them can increase the number of gene copies (usually you have 2 of them) and thus causing differences in their genetic look.
Life expectancy of mothers of twins is longer
If we regard twins as a new level of evolution in reproduction (amplifying it by two!) women who carry twins must be stronger and healthier. Therefore, their chances of living longer increase in comparison with ordinary women.
If you are tall you are more likely to give birth to twins
IGF, or insulin-growth factor, is higher with tall women. It’s a sign that woman’s body releases enough protein to manage the growing needs of the body, but it also affects the ovaries, making them more sensitive and increasing the frequency and magnitude of ovulations. As IGF influences the chances of twinning, tall women are twice as often become twin mothers.
different-race (1)
Twins from different fathers – possible!
It happens once in 100 years, but happens! Usually woman releases one egg for fertilization, but when there’re two of the released simultaneously and a woman has had unprotected sexual intercourses within five days with different partners, double-fertilization can take place!

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