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The largest third-party games of 2016 (theme includes 24 game) all devices

In the name of God the Merciful Do not forget to make an assessment of the topic Up Arrow ▲ to enable the largest number of vision of the year coming to an end ...

In the name of Allah the Merciful

  • Do not forget to make an assessment of the topic Up Arrow ▲ to enable the largest number of vision

    This year, is nearing completion and may Boukibat was full of hope and a lot a lot of delays not be surprised if your vision of the game in this report have already mentioned in the review of the past year has not been issued yet! All next year will seem a little promising and we hope to submit games with him much better when it comes to third-party games, especially that many of the distinctive titles that have appeared in the last generation comes back to us next year.

    • Games listed are advertised for released in 2016, and we know only the absence of some of the titles of the lack of confirmation of the issuance year 2016.
  • Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

    The development team: CAPCOM | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS3

    After the success of Remick first part here is the famous Capcom company back to work Ramastr other game of the series famous horror games and this time with the game Resident Evil Zero previously issued for both the GameCube and the Wii and will be issued now enhanced edition on the personal computer and the current generation devices and the former home on the nineteenth of January next year to be the first issue is important we get it the beginning of the year.
    This part takes you to the events before the first part where you get strange events in the mountain area outside Raccoon City and Team Bravo and moves STAR to investigate the matter and while traveling by helicopter down their helicopter to start things mysterious and suspicious to happen around them, improved the best voices and the possibility of graphics Playing the character of Wesker and many of the things that is out of this Rimastr.
  • Attack On Titan == (name subject to change)

    The development team: Omega Force | Hardware: PS4 / PS3 / PS VITA

    Manga that got Anime won fame unruly get a quote new in the game and the largest this time to the draft, the game titled Attack On Titan only so far and published in February next year in Japan and later in the rest of the world to devices Sony specializing in the games.
    The game will make the basic pillars of anime events in her story with the submission of all the existing characters and the game is a Action, with a focus on mechanical development team to use several three-dimensional maneuver and we still do not know a lot about this next title from developers of Dynasty Warriors.
    • Note: You can you to use by clicking on the name of the game for its own propaganda you watch the show.
  • Mighty No.9

    The development team: Comcept | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS3 / 3DS / PS VITA / Mac / Linux

    Will not mention the word postponement without remembers many of you game platforms and Action Mighty No.9 and experienced many delays over the past two years, this is the spiritual sequel waits many to return the glories of MegaMan series and published "literally" on all devices available on the market Is issued in a timely manner in the second tenth of February as certain of us, "Keiji Anavona" or we get another delay?
    The game takes us to a world full of automatic you and the nine robots distinct and equipped to fight the huge potential know Pal Mighty Numbers, virus stranger sneaking into most of these robots to turn against the machines devastating attack humans and on the ninth figure Beck to free his comrades of this virus with the help of his sister, Call and the rest Friends to discover the mastermind behind this evil scheme, many problems and delays and a lot of fear revolves around this project Will we get a sequel dreams or be disappointed? This is what we learn all of next year.
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    The development team: CyberConnect2 | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    After a generation of Naruto Shippuden Games: Ultimate Ninja Storm and versions of the good ones and which the bad and the ones who do not quite're going to get on the ninth of February at the latest in a series fighting "Naruto" famous on the personal computer and the current generation devices home games parts in part holds Like the story with him sequel completion towards the end of the manga and anime.
    Ninja war and its end is the focus of the story with the game offers a technical level will be the best in the series, with many graphical effects characteristic and story awaits many see an end, this section will focus on confrontations leaders dramatically and will be provided as we have not seen before with fights filled Balokhn and techniques New secret in part many wishes that offers the best of the series finale.
  • Unravel

    The development team: Coldwood Interactive | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    In an exhibition last E3 revealed to us "EA" one of the giants of Western industry about the game hijacked our attention in the kind of experiences that have not entrust seen by the huge publisher, Unravel new game platforms and distinctive placed ninth of February next year as its goal to reach the PC and The current generation of home computers as the first versions of the company in 2016.
    You play the character Yarny Zarif creature and small, it is a doll made of yarn or wool roam in the wide world of the game to go through memories of the past for different regions and will educate you about the story of this little object in his adventure in this world which is unknown, but do not forget to be gathered wool around you and However, you will not you will be able to more progress, quiet and beautiful story and character are trying to link to your hearts in this small journey that moves away from the thing he loves for some reason we do not know yet.
  • Far Cry Primal

    The development team: Ubisoft Montreal | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    From the mountains and controlled by pirates and bandits islands to human stone age and the inter-tribal conflict on the ground, Far Cry Primal take us in a unique experience and in an era rarely seen in video games, it will not be long to wait much before Trkpo Mammoth in The third and the twentieth of February to the current generation of home computers and the first of March on the personal computer.
    We are playing the character Takkar a tame monsters in the Stone Age and after that attacked his tribe and cut off its ways in the valley Oros (game imaginary environment) Here it is, uses the ability of tame animals that newly discovered by the tame creatures fierce to help him in his fight against the enemy, the game will spears and arrows and even animals Kslagm in firearms instead of the game environment in a beautiful world and the nature of your path is the only to survive the elements for Btscharkm reconciled, the game will offer a language incomprehensible but you will understand events through a translator.
  • Tom Clancy's The Division

    The development team: Ubisoft Massive addition to Astyohat help | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    Title Last taken right from the delays, since unveiled at E3 exhibition in 2013 is still the game open world elements of Action and RPG Tom Clancy's The Division get deferments from period to period and here we are with the date of issuance is the eighth of March next year for PC Profile and the current generation of home computers and with the postponement of beta again we are still apprehensive of the fact that this game will not arrive on time.
    And B. mysterious spreads in the USA cause the fall of the government in five days, the epidemic spread by spores and placed on the banknotes and bank transactions and here is the country after a break of water and food and all services fall in a storm of chaos and are playing a personal role of SHD band The Division or acronym and band are trained to work individually in the event of the fall of the security authorities responsible and you are trying to fight the virus and launched in a global conspiracy do not know how it will be presented in this huge project.
  • Hitman

    The development team: IO Interactive | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    The client 47 returns in a new part of a series sneak games and assassinations Hitman after his last appearance in 2012 and this time on the current generation devices as the first series projects for this generation as well as the PC and with the date of issue in the atheist th of March after a missed our friend committed punctual first appointment in October of this year.
    We will learn about the client's 47 past and go back to know how he was recruited and trained in the organization in the adventure will take us to 6 different countries and this time rings system where issued the first half of the experiment in March and the rest at unannounced intervals in the same year, many questions hovering around The project and the reason for his departure and is the story of the development team and the project will satisfy fans will return to the roots of the series, trying to regain his fans.
  • Dirt Rally

    The development team: Codemasters | Hardware: Xbox One / PS4

    A series of famous racing games back, but this bitter dedicated part of rally racing and with excellent experience in the early entry on the personal computer service led to the smooth version and here is the game is preparing with the field of long reach an end to the current generation of home appliances and time of the expected arrival is the fifth April.
    The game simulates the rally racing is very realistic and rigorous with many modifications can be carried out on the sounds of cars and graphics are excellent and you can find out more through the review of the site to copy PC to raise your enthusiasm until the time of issuance of the game.
  • Dark Souls III

    The development team: FromSoftware | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    In the past generation games series RPGs new emerged won a lot of fame and numerous awards in various exhibitions and the series targeted professional player, after many of the statements and between exile and say for sure we know that Dark Souls III will be the last in the chain, from before "Miyazaki" left by the famous developer, Part III released in April on the personal computer and the current generation of home computers.
    In other interviews tells us, "Miyazaki" that he feels that the series has been a product is incomplete in its publications and intends to give us in this recent experience producing a "full," he said, you will return to the world melancholic and dark in the experience will not be unforgiving players Introduction difficult to know not only Try of the series, the magic happened on your hemocytometer and the game will maintain on the basis of its own to play with some of the new additions to the style of fighting.
  • Battleborn

    Development Team: Gearbox Software | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    MOBA game and the correction of the first-person perspective with elements RPG Battleborn access missed a train in the spring of elapsed Here are the third set of May next year as the date for arrival after a delay that has occurred on them.
    The game tries to experience the MOBA offers a new form with the presence of tasks and developed the story and events therein, the game used designs comics and graphics similar to her in her world and her characters and contain game development and levels of system and always you will return to the first level in each new game Like the other MOBA games, many heroes each of them has its own abilities with many of the distinctive capabilities and Judge movements in the competitive experience that want to offer some type of renewal for those interested.
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    The development team: EA Digital Illusions CE | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    In the past generation, and in 2008 specifically identified the game Action and adventure Mirror's Edge, which had been impressive and some criticize others, think of was that the title will get so quickly to Ribot? Well here we know and adventure "Faith" will start from scratch in a game this past Starafna on personal and global reach stores in the fourth and twentieth May.
    A mysterious organization and evil dominates the city Glass and personal Faith will try to eliminate this company and drop it at the earliest opportunity and how doing so is something we left that we know ourselves, the game will be based on specific movements as "Parkour" to navigate over the buildings and among them and to escape from enemies or cast them to the ground, the environment has become an open-linear rather than in the original version and you can interact wih the environment around you as its elements occurred in many of the amendments to the playing system aspires to provide a unique experience.
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    The development team: Eidos Montreal | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    In the last generation we got a game Deus Ex: Human Revolution and was one of the experiences of RPG games and distinctive sneak in that generation, fortunately we got the announcement of the next part and supplementing the previous events under Deus EX Mankind Divided and who received the long postponement title Unfortunately Instead of breasts in February, we have to wait until the twenty-third of August for the latest adventures of Adam Jensen.
    This section follows the earlier part in events and is located after two years, Adam Jensen completed his journey to know the truth about the group "enlightened" schemes which exceeded its power of governments around the world, take you events to the state Czech where that after the incident that caused the user attack members artificial to other human beings without warning become these people a threat at public and became the goal of the security authorities to get rid of them, new capabilities, more strategies to infiltrate and bold ideas and story promises to be deeper and rely on options than ever before, all things considered this game and the team standing left over to provide.
  • DOOM

    The development team: id Software | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    Publishing and development company ancient Bethesda has done its first conference in the history of the famous E3 show and what a first conference, many of the surprises have been detected and one of them was a new part and prospective of a series of games the famous correction DOOM from the famous development team itself id Software, not There offerer date but this very bloody experience of what is published in the spring of next year for the PC and current generation home appliances time.
    The story were not game the focus of days and Mahbua will not care about the chain out of this interest in the position entirely on the style of play here, this part is to the roots of the series the fact that speed is the foundation, will surround you regiments monsters from all over the place again and to you that you will be quick and skilled, strikes system killer or the judge up to the series for the first time that you can eliminate enemies ugliest roads with many blood viscera and explosions and quoting the game to some elements of the correction of the famous titles are now in the scene comes to us for the amazing game in particular on the graphic level that id team back to the review of technical skills appearance through it, the game looks of the most interesting no doubt.
  • Dishonored 2

    The development team: Arkane Studios | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    In the last generation we got a couple of games featured infiltration and a better infiltration in the past generation experiments were game Dishonored from Bethesda, which was the second part of which one surprises the company in its first conference at E3 also this Sequel upcoming release in the spring of next year as well and we do not know that It was going to come before or after DOOM.
    The story takes place after the first part fifteen years after it was taking the throne of Princess "Emily" and that became very by the aggressors on the throne came from an unknown world and become an outlaw by the Kingdom, the story take you to Kronos birthplace of the "Corfu" champion The first part, Corfu will retain the abilities of the first part with receiving some of the new capabilities while Emily comes set new mostly capabilities fully, you will be able to play in one of the two characters, and each character will be featured impermeable do and movements and your feeling of playing it as you get each character on an audio representation Full own.
  • Final Fantasy XV

    The development team: Square Enix | Hardware: Xbox One / PS4

    After a decade Here is a game Action RPG Final Fantasy XV and formerly titled Final Fantasy XIII Versus back to the destination after many delays and procrastination and tripping in the development process and the issuance of a window in the next year to the current generation of home computers.
    Prince "Nuktis" young man got the magical power after the experience made him close to death, the Prince has to fight the Kingdom "niflheim" which occupied his kingdom and seized control of them and it will be next to you guys to help him in this task, the game takes more than the previous parts of the series melancholic character and designs the characters closer to reality, as well as the world of the game and the game offers the experience of an open world elements Alsandboks and which gives you the freedom to do the side missions and activities outside the story and play the same level of the game is something we learn in the case issued in the next year already.
  • Homefront: The Revolution

    The development team: Dambuster Studios | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    Confusion is the appropriate word to describe the Homefront: The Revolution, this project holds many ambitious ideas, but it was a lot of pitfalls with sold to Deep Silver Company by the development team Crytek and it is now under development by the Dambuster Studios and currently Rapporteur of the version in the first half of next year.
    The story takes place after the events of the last part four years as the hero in the previous section Ethan Brady joined the resistance movement against the Korean army, which occupied the city of Philadelphia, the game will not be written this time and will be a game correct from the perspective of the first person open world, some of the new technologies will be presented here, such as small cars are controlled to control the enemy up close or blow up vehicles and tanks and many of the matters relating to the title with an unknown still we approach slowly from the window version of the project which has won numerous delays.
  • Mafia III

    The development team: Hangar 13 | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    World Series games open Mafia and back again with the third part numbered and the current generation of home computers and personal computer and issued sometime in the next year.
    Events are located in the city of New Ooralenz and centered on "Lincoln Clay" soldier who took part in the Vietnam War and the return of the revenge of the local gangs that killed his friends and the story of this part will focus on the concept of the family, the game is an open world from the perspective of the third person and more freedom to wander around and explore here The game also gives direct attack or infiltration with the addition of hand strikes fist and the like and a judge moves to kill the opponent immediately firearms option, you can Takhttefoa enemies for questioning in ways that want them and you can take control of the areas the city to become your king little by little until you reach to gang leaders.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda

    The development team: BioWare | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    Open-world series games Action RPG huge next year to get newer versions Mass Effect: Andromeda and issued sometime in the next year's holiday season, the usual time for devices.
    Spin the events after the first triple of the story in the galaxy Andromeda Although we do not know much about the story but it will be based on the search for new home for humans and has yet to get anything to show us the elements of play in this version, which will keep a few elements as they are with providing things a new experience for you as a vehicle of new leadership and is the world's largest and promises the experience is the biggest and best ever in the history of the series and next year is our appointment to get more information about them.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

    The development team: Crystal Dynamics | Hardware: PC / PS4

    The new "Lara Croft" adventure issued in advance of the xbox one under Temporary exclusive deal with and still be issued by the PC in January and the beginning of next year for PlayStation 4 in the holiday season of the same year.
    British adventure back on a new journey to know the truth of immortality that has become obsessed with them and the game will offer several environments from desert to mountainous areas and frigid zones and iced Also, puzzles returned here better than the previous section, elements of the play are almost the same with an improved weapons from the previous and the presence of a system for the manufacture of weapons and resources to help you to stay in the game that has provided more than the previous section and polished experience that waits for some more than others even get it.
  • One Piece: Burning Blood

    The development team: Crystal Dynamics | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4 / PS VITA

    Series and manga "One Piece" His immense popularity gets next year on another new game adapted from these Anon and this time a game fight instead of games the Beat 'em Up previous and published the game in June next year for the PC and the current generation of home computers.
    The game is a one fight against a single sophisticated system for series One games Piece Grand Battle, the game uses graphics the Cel-Shaded habit a lot of games anime and will focus on the abilities of Devil Fruit and every character will own capabilities give preference to some other fruits capabilities and the like of things, The game is the first combat game get the series for some time and welcomes it as a change from the recent Maajabuha versions that were not very popular.
  • Tekken 7

    The development team: Bandai Namco Entertainment | Hardware: Xbox One / PS4

    Months of fighting games and a three-dimensional longest continuation next year on the back of the current generation of home computers in the seventh after the part is released in the halls orchids.
    The game story Stattiykm full answers epic family "Mashima" and secrets concerning the hostility between the family and the genes diabolical located where all the secrets will be unveiled with a very Suadoah story in this part according to a recent "Harada" famous name behind the series, the fighting system gets several new additions and home appliances will contain a copy of all amendments and developments to copy and Arcade game updates will contain 28 character with a personal "pile up" of the famous Street Fighter guest of honor.
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    The development team: Ubisoft Paris | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    Shooting a series of tactical games Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon returned again during the last E3 show where it was detected newer versions of the series under the title of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands issuing of the PC and the current generation of home appliances development Ubisoft Paris.
    For the first time in the history of the series you are disputing the experience of an open world unlike previous linear versions and this time will not be the game prospective in nature but will be at the present time away from the most advanced technology that we have seen in recent versions, the story take you to the state, "Bolivia", located in South America, where The drug cartel in this country has become a published around the world and has become a international menace, the US government send a "ghost" special squad to take on the task and the elimination of the drug trade to uncover the relationship between the government and the cartel, the game Stattiykm many options to do tasks Calejum tactically or sneak and implementation process is silent and there also spread chaos and make the choice gangs fighting among themselves to tear each other.
  • For honor

    The development team: Ubisoft Montreal | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    A Ubisoft surprises in the exhibition last E3 was a new idea for a new game under the title For Honor address you do not know much about him and the issue of the PC and the current generation of home computers.
    For Honor Game Hack Land Slash in the Middle Ages progress with the Knights, Viking and Samurai with fighting sexy system of interest named by the development team, "Art of War" and is one fight against a single system in which you approach the opponent in a position more like a duel and Taathrcn caution because you set the corner which Tahjmon or Tsdon attacks them and you that you set for strength strike also, the fighting system in the game comes a new idea we have not seen previously, will be able to diagnose Chkstm weapons and armor, and each of the three disciplines different from others in the gear does not expect from knight to a samurai sword used or that the Viking using the bow and arrow, the game contains stage play cooperatively in addition to individually developed and which it has not been reviewed after the title and the idea is already interesting to many.
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    The development team: CI Games | Hardware: PC / Xbox One / PS4

    Lovers series correction Sniper Games of the development and deployment of CI Games are getting exciting news to announce next new part of the series titled Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 with the date of issuance of the year 2016 the game is being developed from scratch, this time to the devices of the present generation and the PC and with the presence of major names behind the last parts, unfortunately we do not get with the announcement of the game for any pictures or Choiqih Offers for the next part, our appointment with the first half of 2016 with the release date of the game.

    24 game as the most important games in the next year, I hope you join me your opinions to 

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